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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Birds-Eye View of New Gain Recognition Rules on Transfers of Appreciated Property to Partnerships with Related Foreign Partners

The IRS recently issued extensive regulations under the authority of Section 721(c) that denies nonrecognition treatment for transfer of appreciated property to a controlled partnership (domestic or foreign) by a U.S. person if there are related foreign partners.

I have a prepared a map diagram (viewable in any browser) that provides an overview of the new provisions. Its purpose is to generally familiarize you with the new rules - you will need to review the rules themselves for full detail (translation: do not rely on the diagram since it is an abbreviated summary only).

Here is the link to download the map diagram - again, open it with any browser program. When you have it open, click the ovals with numbers in them wherever you see them to fully expand each map section - they look like this:


Treasury Decision 9814

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