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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Florida Irrevocable Trust Amendment Mechanisms

 For many years, we have published a diagram that lists and provides information on the mechanisms under Florida law available to modify irrevocable trusts, both judicially and non-judicially. There have been 1000+ downloads of the diagram, attesting to the interest in this topic and how often people want to amend an irrevocable trust.

My partner, Jenna Rubin, recently summarized a Florida case (Demircan v. Mikhaylov) on the ability of a settlor and beneficiaries to modify an irrevocable trust.You can read the summary on her Rubin on Probate Litigation blog here.

The summary diagram has now been updated to include the new case.

Previously, the diagram was posted as a PDF or a text file, and not in its native mindmap formula, because of its size. Because of its size, it was hard to read. The mindmap program (MindManager) now allows a cloud posting which allows easier and full access. To view the updated diagram, click on the link:

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