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Sunday, October 07, 2018

New Homestead Diagram

Many years ago I prepared a diagram in table format that simplified the restrictions on transfers of Florida homestead property. This has been downloaded thousands of times and I hear is used by many legal and real estate professionals. You can download a copy here.

I have re-worked the analysis into a flow chart type approach, for those that prefer that type of analysis. The new chart also reflects when an item is “protected homestead” for Florida law purposes. You can download a copy here.

Either one will help get you to the right result. I actually like the flow chart approach since after you use it a few times, it will burn much of itself into your memory so many times you will no longer need to consult it.

Future editions of my treatise, Rubin on Florida Homestead, will include both diagrams. Prior purchasers, whose versions do not include the new chart, can use these download links to gain access to it.


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