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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Updated Florida Irrevocable Trust Amendment Mechanisms [Florida]

By Charles (Chuck) Rubin & Jenna Rubin

Florida practitioners will tell you that it is difficult to aggregate and analyze all the potential legal avenues to amending or terminating an irrevocable trust. We have previously created a map/chart that summarizes the principal methods available.

We have recently updated that map/chart, and added another delivery method. The two methods to view the map/chart are now:

a. An HTML file that after you download to your computer should open in a browser to view the information in an expandable/collapsible mindmap format. Click HERE to download the file. You must download it first and save it, and then you can open it. Some computer systems block the file or will not run it, presumably based on security settings. If that is the case for you, see alternative b. below.

b. This is a PDF file that contains all the information from the map/diagram, but in a text document layout, including copies of the relevant statutes. Click HERE to download it.

We have received a lot of favorable feedback from prior versions, so we are keeping this project going and will continue to update these items as the law evolves.

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