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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Soft Opening – Rubin on Florida Homestead

As I teased a few days ago, I’ve been working on a challenging writing project these past 2-3  years. Today is the day of its release!

As you can tell by the title, it is a book/treatise on Florida homestead law. I took on the project because there are no comprehensive one-stop reference sources out there that cover all aspects of homestead law. There are many excellent sources of information and analysis, but they are scattered among various articles, chapters in books on larger subjects, and other miscellaneous places. Most of them are limited to one aspect of Florida homestead law – but Florida homestead law generally covers three large areas: creditor protection, limitations on gifting and testamentary transfers, and ad valorem taxes (and its corollary Save Our Homes cap on valuation limitations). As anyone who has had to deal with these areas, they involve concepts and planning that is quite challenging to both understand and practically apply. So I have sought to make the book a one-stop resource for all things related to Florida homestead law.

I’ve endeavored to make the book accessible to those who need an introduction to an area, to answer quick questions, or to assist with a detailed analysis. While of interest to those in Florida, it should also be of interest to those outside of Florida who have occasional need to deal with Florida homestead issues for themselves or their clients.

If this is something that interests you, and I sure hope it does, feel free to visit for more information on the book (and of course, how to buy it!).

The book is in PDF format, for viewing on computers and other devices. Perhaps a paper edition may come in the future, but the ability to search contents, access links to cited sources, and my ability to update the book as the law evolves,  makes an electronic version the better way to go in my mind.

This is the first public announcement – I am going to wait a little while until all the kinks are worked out before going wide. If you have any problems with the website or ordering, please email me at Comments on the book itself, whether general, suggestions for future coverage areas, or otherwise, are also welcome.

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