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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Identity Theft Victims Can Now Get a Copy of Fraudulently Filed Returns

Many taxpayers, upon filing (or trying to file electronically) their income tax return, hear back that the IRS has already received a filed return for them. Typically, this is due to a fraudulent return filed using the taxpayer identification number and name of the taxpayer that seeks a fraudulent refund of taxes already paid to the IRS – the IRS version of identity theft.

In the past, the defrauded taxpayer was unable to see what had been filed with the IRS. In a change of policy, the IRS now will allow the defrauded taxpayer to see the fraudulently filed tax return, subject to some redactions.Taxpayers that previously could not get a look at the fraudulent return can do so now for prior years – requests can be made for up to six preceding tax years.

If you would like to receive such a copy, go to and follow the directions for preparing and submitting a request letter.

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