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Friday, July 11, 2014


It has been a year since we published the Florida Trust Amendment diagram. The favorable response by practitioners was much appreciated.

We are now posting an update. Here are the key changes:

a. We have moved the map to an online service that supports “mindmaps” and is fairly easy to use and access. See the instructions below for how to get to the diagram.

b. Added a reference to the recent Peck case. For more on this case, see postings here by Jenna Rubin at Rubin on Probate Litigation, and here by Juan Antunez at the Florida Probate and Trust Litigation blog.

c. Added Fla.Stats. §744.441(19) (the power of a guardian to crate irrevocable trusts for a ward’s property) as an additional method.

The map can be viewed online here. IMPORTANT: Once you open that site, click the icon in the upper right hand corner of the map with two arrows on it to view the map full screen). The red arrow on the diagram below also shows you where to click once you open the website:



Click on the '+' and '-' buttons in the diagram to expand and collapse branches. Use the icons at the top to collapse, expand, and zoom in or out of the entire map.

If you don’t like the online version, email me at and I can email you a full PDF. Since there is so much on the diagram you won’t be able to print it, and to read it on your computer you will need to zoom in.

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