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Thursday, June 06, 2013


In the past, we have assisted practitioners by providing tables and charts to simplify complex legal concepts. For example, one of our most popular downloads is our Summary Table – Restrictions on Transfer of Florida Homestead Property. After many months of work by myself and Jenna Rubin, a new chart is debuting today.
This chart summarizes, with helpful color codes, the various mechanisms for modifying irrevocable trusts in Florida. It thus provides a quick way to find which of the many mechanisms may be workable in any given situation.
There are two downloadable PDF versions. The first is a one page version, suitable for printing out. You can download that here.
A more detailed version that will let you click through to see copies of applicable statutes, with requirements and other key information, can also be downloaded. If you download this version, when you open it, it may take a few seconds to load. If your PDF reader will not work with it (for example, some browser PDF viewers will not work), you may need to download and open it with Adobe Reader. You may also be asked to install Adobe Flash. Once it is open, click on the '+' and '-' icons to expand or collapse the branches to get to the additional information. This expanded version can be downloaded here.
Another way to view the diagram is on your iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet or other device – this is probably the best way for ease of use. First you will need to install the Mindjet Mindmanager app on your device – it is free! Then, on that device, click on this link and open it in that app. A simple tap on a topic will expand or collapse it, and a double tap will review more info if not all is being displayed. You can also use that link if you have their desktop software installed on your laptop or desktop computer (not free!).
This is our first version. Feel free to send an email to or with any comments, corrections, or suggestions to improve the chart.
Some browsers do not open the files. If that is a problem, send an email to and I will email you the files directly.

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