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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The IRS has issued information from the 2009 income tax filing season. As a voluntary compliance system, taxpayers often are interested to know their chances of audit. Below are some interesting facts and statistics.

Individual returns filed 142,823,105
Audits of individual returns 1,581,394
Individual audits that were only correspondence audits 78.3%
Audit rates for individual returns with $200,000 to $1 million in income 2.5%-2.9%
Audit rates for individual returns with more than $1 million in income 8.4%
Audit rates for corporations (excluding S corporations) 1.4% (with percentages increasing significantly with increased total assets – e.g., 45% for corporations with $5-$20 billion in assets
Audit rates for partnerships and S corporations .4%
Offers in compromise 57,000 filed and 14,000 accepted
Criminal investigations 2010: 4,706 investigations – 3,034 referrals for prosecution – 2,184 convictions
Incarceration rate for convicted taxpayers 81.2%

2010 Data Book (Pub 55B)

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